5 Most Over-Done Social Media Marketing Posts

Social Media MarketingIt’s important to measure your social media marketing efforts and use metrics like post engagement, clicks and shares as well as follower growth. However, it’s even more important to look behind the metrics. What I mean here is that a like and a comment may not mean real engagement.

Before I continue, for further reading, check out my guide to social media marketing metrics and have a look at my book Conversation Is King which explains the key elements of content that generated comments and discussion.

There are many ways in which we can generate likes and comments on social media, but many of these are meaningless likes and comments, but of course they look great when presented to clients or managers, so the same ideas often spread around the marketing world and can quickly become boring.

In this article, I look at five of the most over-done social media marketing post types and explain why you shouldn’t rely on them. With all of them, it’s not going to do much harm if you use them occasionally, but don’t go mad with them. True social media engagement comes from getting to know your audience and giving them what they want, rather than using exactly the same mundane post style across different pages.

It’s National [X] Day and We’re Celebrating by…

It’s easy to find lists of these national or international days online, and it’s easy to write a post related to them so you can guarantee a post pretty much every day. But just because it’s easy, it doesn’t mean it’s worth doing. Occasionally these posts will gain positive responses, but generally… who cares?! This is really the core of lazy social media marketing.

Buy Our New…

This really depends what the product is, but generally if you only post promotional content, you wont really engage with your customers. It can generate some sales, but at the expense of engagement, which could have lasted for a long time.

We’ve Launched Our New Website. Have a Look Around

Unless you followers are getting something really, really cool, then they probably won’t care that your website has a new look. If you’ve added a feature that they’ve all been calling for, then it may be good to announce that you’ve added, but always think about what they are interested in, and don’t just focus on getting them to simply go to your website.

… Offering 25% Off

This one often joins the National [X] Day posts. For example “To celebrate national pineapple day, we’re offering 20% off all pineapples.”

You can use these occasionally, but if the product isn’t what they want or the offer isn’t that enticing, then it really isn’t going to be very engaging. If you do use these types of posts, use them sparingly.

Like And Share To Win A [X]

This can work, if all you want is a high number of followers. But there’s a very good chance that once they’ve followed you, they won’t be interested in anything you do apart from competitions. The benefit is that once you’ve got a few followers, your page looks more worthwhile for other potential followers, but don’t expect it to lead to real engagement.

Real engagement comes from engaging with what your customers and followers care about. Think about them, not about yourself and if you do receive comments on your posts, read them to see whether they are actually interested  in what you are doing. You can find more about my social media marketing services on my website.

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