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Win a copy of Conversation is King: Social Media Marketing book

You can win a copy of my book: Conversation is King. All you have to do is enter on Goodreads. The competition closes on 6th January 2018, so make sure you enter now! There are 2 copies up for grab, in print format.

Conversation is King is a simple guide to generating more comments and conversations around your content and ideas. Find out how to get more comments on your Facebook posts, how to get people responding to your Tweets, how to keep people talking to

How do I get more comments on my Facebook posts?

In my latest video, I discuss the ways in which you can get more comments on your Facebook posts. These techniques aren’t aimed at getting simple competition entry style comments, but are aimed at creating ongoing discussion and a real community of people who are interested in your product, service or cause.

The ideas I explain in this video come from my book: Conversation is King. And if you’d like to ask me a question for my next video, please contact me.

Free social media calendar

Social Media Content Calendar: Free Download

When planning your social media campaigns, you need to take into account external events, and stay organised. It can sometimes like juggling lots of balls. You need to cover everything that’s worth covering, without repeating and over doing certain post styles.

To help you to plan this out, cleanly and easily, I’ve created a content calendar template for you to download. When you open the file, you’ll see that there is space to put a theme in. This is the first thing you need to

How to get comments on your facebook posts

How to get more comments on your Facebook posts

With Facebook’s post boosting feature, it’s easier to get your posts out to more people for a small fee, however, if your content isn’t the sort of content that really drives engagement, you’ll struggle to increase the amount of comments you receive, even if you promote it to thousands.

Before thinking about promoting your posts, it’s important to think about the sort of posts you are posting. Some pieces of content seem to be better for generating discussion and ongoing engagement than others, and believe

Social Media Marketing

5 Most Over-Done Social Media Marketing Posts

It’s important to measure your social media marketing efforts and use metrics like post engagement, clicks and shares as well as follower growth. However, it’s even more important to look behind the metrics. What I mean here is that a like and a comment may not mean real engagement.

Before I continue, for further reading, check out my guide to social media marketing metrics and have a look at my book Conversation Is King which explains the key elements of content that generated comments and discussion.