Google Local Search

How To Rank Higher On Google Local Search

When you search for a local subject, for example local estate agents, plumbers, shops or restaurants, you’re likely to see Google’s local listings pop up fairly prominently on the search results page. Ranking high for these search listings can be hugely beneficial to a local business, as many users rely on these, rather than looking through the main organic search listings.

Regular listings have been the subject of search engine optimisation for years now, with plenty of articles and books being written every year, helping

Local Shops

Study Shows Internet Users Prefer To Find Local Products Through Search Engines

Whether looking to find a local restaurant, a dentist, a cafe or a dry cleaner, search engines are the key way for most consumers. In fact when people are shopping local, they are more likely to rely on search.

A new study, reported in eMarketer was conducted by Burke for the Local Search Association (LSA). The March 2017 survey found that eight out of 10 respondents in the United States said that their top choice among digital and non-digital sources to look up local business information was

Mistakes in SEO

5 Common SEO Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Search Engine Optimisation can be a difficult thing for small businesses to get their heads around. Many I’ve encountered here in Plymouth and through the rest of Devon have attempted it themselves, but many with very limited results. Some using tactics which would have worked well in years gone by, but not so much as Google updated its algorithm over the years.

When I begin working with a new client, there are a number of common mistakes that they had previously made, some of them