Bing Ads: Why use them in your marketing?

This year, Bing turned 9 years old, and despite not having reached the level of fame, popularity and usage that Google has, it is still here and has reportedly been a success. For many businesses, when thinking of search engine advertising, Google’s Adwords is the option that instantly comes to mind, however Bing has a lot to offer.

Bing Ads is similar to Google Adwords, in terms of user experience, so once you have learnt how to use Adwords, the skills can be transferred. Campaigns


Google Brings Machine Learning to its Display Network

Google announced earlier this week that it is launching its new ‘Smart display campaigns’, utilising machine learning on its display network. Basically, this means better targeting, more targeted creative and in theory, better results in terms of acquisition, without the need to purchase expensive automation software.

According to Google’s blog from April 20th, the Smart display campaigns began rolling out to all advertisers on its display network. Google’s display network advertising is the option through Google Adwords that allows advertisers to bid for clicks on


5 Fascinating Facts About Online Advertising

As you no doubt know already, PPC advertising is one of the most powerful and scalable tools for any digital marketer. Budgets can be low or high and it is easy to see whether there is a good return on investment. Campaigns that do well and generate sales can be scaled up, and those that are unsuccessful can be stopped.

Long gone are the days when the only options for advertising were difficult-to-track, one off payment adverts on TV, radio or in print. Even the early

Digital Advertising

Advertising Your New Business Online: Key Tips

Long gone are the years when only the rich businesses could afford advertising and long gone are the days when advertising involved throwing money and looking for a spike in sales to attribute to the whole campaign. Digital advertising (including pay per click) has created a system in that benefits businesses of all sizes as the barrier to entry is far lower than that of traditional, print, radio and TV advertising.

In theory a business could have an advertising budget of less than £1 and