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Digital Marketing Trends

Trends and Relevance in International Digital Marketing

Leading on from the cultural quirks blog post, we look at a similar idea: trends and relevance. Rather than a numerical based theory, this is the idea that we look at people’s interests, the way they act and temporary trends in order to create effective marketing campaigns.

This can be behavioural trends, for example are people buying online? Are they listening to a certain type of music? Are they responsive to certain adverts? It could also be cultural trends around events, for example Christmas and

Cultural Differences

Cultural Differences & International Digital Marketing

Pepsi’s Blue Blunder

The global cola powerhouse Pepsi isn’t immune to an international blunder. The company lost its dominant market share to Coke in South East Asia when it changed the colour of its vending machines and drinks coolers from the deep “regal” blue to the lighter “ice” blue.

The change in colours wouldn’t raise eyebrows in the United Kingdom, Europe or United States, but Pepsi failed to take into account the cultural meaning of the new colour choice. In the South East Asian region, light

Customer Retention

5 Ways to Retain Your Customers

Retaining customers who have already purchased is often far cheaper than acquiring new customers, so it is important to look into creating a full customer retention strategy. Sometimes capturing data isn’t possible, but when it is, there are plenty of direct marketing tools like email, SMS and direct mail that can help you stay in contact, gradually leading to ongoing sales.

This article isn’t about how best to write retention marketing emails or SMS, but covers some systems and structures to add into your business

5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes

5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes

It all seems so simple: get some customers, obtain their email addresses, email them and get them to buy things over and over. Unfortunately, if it was that simple, everyone would be doing it. Actually, most are doing it, but it’s not working. If it worked, we’d struggle to keep our wallets closed, as every email we received would convince us to spend more money.

Instead, email marketing is a long process of creating emails that grab the attention, give people reason to open and gain their

Old Phone

The Technology Barrier for International Digital Marketing

Think back ten years and think about the consumer technology on offer. No doubt it’s vastly different to the current offering. Now think back another ten years and it’s no doubt even more different.

Technology has changed the way we communicate with each other, the way we plan our lives and the way we spend our time. Mobile, along with the internet has created a 24/7 approach to communication, allowing us to chat, question, inform and argue whenever and wherever.

Internet connectivity has spread all over