Patrick Macgougan15 Apr, 20170

How To Use Storytelling In Marketing

From traditional TV advertising to social media, storytelling is a hugely important part of marketing. Stories work as vessels for a message that really stay in the mind of the audience. They can get a message across in a tangible way and can be repeated and remembered easily.

Many psychology and

Patrick Macgougan11 Apr, 20171

5 Common SEO Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Search Engine Optimisation can be a difficult thing for small businesses to get their heads around. Many I’ve encountered here in Plymouth and through the rest of Devon have attempted it themselves, but many with very limited results. Some using tactics which would have worked well in years gone by,

Patrick Macgougan10 Apr, 20170

Advertising Your New Business Online: Key Tips

Long gone are the years when only the rich businesses could afford advertising and long gone are the days when advertising involved throwing money and looking for a spike in sales to attribute to the whole campaign. Digital advertising (including pay per click) has created a system in that benefits

Patrick Macgougan10 Apr, 20170

Video Guide to Social Media Metrics

I’ve seen many businesses, both client side and agency working on social media campaigns, but not really paying enough attention to the metrics. This video guide is designed to get you thinking about what you measure, how you measure it and what it means.

Too many times, I’ve seen agency reports

Patrick Macgougan4 Apr, 20170

Guide to Blogging for Small Businesses

Clients often ask me whether they should be blogging if they are a start-up business with a low budget. My answer is always “Yes. But…” because we have to take into account the outcome and the input. Is it really worth your time? Yes, it often is, but only if

Patrick Macgougan30 Mar, 20170

What Is The Core Element Every Engaging Social Media Campaign Has?

Building engagement is one of the key powers of a good social media marketing campaign, yet it can be one of the trickiest things to get right. It needn’t be though, as you’ll see in this article. There really is one key core element that you need to create an