Patrick Macgougan27 Apr, 20170

The Technology Barrier for International Digital Marketing

Think back ten years and think about the consumer technology on offer. No doubt it’s vastly different to the current offering. Now think back another ten years and it’s no doubt even more different.

Technology has changed the way we communicate with each other, the way we plan our lives and

Patrick Macgougan26 Apr, 20170

Google Brings Machine Learning to its Display Network

Google announced earlier this week that it is launching its new ‘Smart display campaigns’, utilising machine learning on its display network. Basically, this means better targeting, more targeted creative and in theory, better results in terms of acquisition, without the need to purchase expensive automation software.

According to Google’s blog from

Patrick Macgougan25 Apr, 20170

Study Shows Internet Users Prefer To Find Local Products Through Search Engines

Whether looking to find a local restaurant, a dentist, a cafe or a dry cleaner, search engines are the key way for most consumers. In fact when people are shopping local, they are more likely to rely on search.

A new study, reported in eMarketer was conducted by Burke for the Local Search

Patrick Macgougan22 Apr, 20170

5 Fascinating Facts About Online Advertising

As you no doubt know already, PPC advertising is one of the most powerful and scalable tools for any digital marketer. Budgets can be low or high and it is easy to see whether there is a good return on investment. Campaigns that do well and generate sales can be scaled

Patrick Macgougan20 Apr, 20170

Choosing The Wording For Your International Marketing Campaigns

When I was growing up I lived in a small town in West Devon, in the South West of the United Kingdom. We were near to a ferry port that had services running to Bretagne in France, so that was the location of the majority of our family holidays.

The vast

Patrick Macgougan17 Apr, 20170

Introduction to International Digital Marketing

With the growth of the internet, many barriers for international  communication have dropped. We have seen websites that were designed in bedrooms reach millions of readers, YouTube stars have grown to stardom with no financial backing, Twitter users have Tweeted to hundreds of thousands with one relevant Tweet. It is