Patrick Macgougan22 Nov, 20170

Win a copy of Conversation is King: Social Media Marketing book

You can win a copy of my book: Conversation is King. All you have to do is enter on Goodreads. The competition closes on 6th January 2018, so make sure you enter now! There are 2 copies up for grab, in print format.

Conversation is King is a simple guide to generating

Patrick Macgougan13 Nov, 20170

How to get people interested in a completely new and innovative product

If you have a completely new and innovative product or service, unlike anything else on the market, how do you get people interested in it? What is the first step in getting someone to want something they have lived without for so long, but you know will improve their life?


Patrick Macgougan13 Nov, 20170

Unleash the power of free gifts to get more customers

In my latest digital marketing video I answer a question about using free gifts in the digital age as a loss leader in order to open up communication with potential customers, and gradually push them along the sales funnel towards being a high-spend customer.

If you have a marketing-related question that

Patrick Macgougan13 Nov, 20170

How do I get more comments on my Facebook posts?

In my latest video, I discuss the ways in which you can get more comments on your Facebook posts. These techniques aren’t aimed at getting simple competition entry style comments, but are aimed at creating ongoing discussion and a real community of people who are interested in your product, service

Patrick Macgougan9 Nov, 20170

International Digital Marketing eBook: : Free Download

Global reach with marketing, which has historically only been open to the rich, large corporations around the world is now open to everyone, but it is important to take into account the nature of global audiences. If you want to stand out, and really make an impact you need to

Patrick Macgougan7 Sep, 20170

Trends and Relevance in International Digital Marketing

Leading on from the cultural quirks blog post, we look at a similar idea: trends and relevance. Rather than a numerical based theory, this is the idea that we look at people’s interests, the way they act and temporary trends in order to create effective marketing campaigns.

This can be behavioural