Patrick Macgougan19 Aug, 20180

How To Rank Higher On Google Local Search

When you search for a local subject, for example local estate agents, plumbers, shops or restaurants, you’re likely to see Google’s local listings pop up fairly prominently on the search results page. Ranking high for these search listings can be hugely beneficial to a local business, as many users rely

Patrick Macgougan12 Aug, 20180

Bing Ads: Why use them in your marketing?

This year, Bing turned 9 years old, and despite not having reached the level of fame, popularity and usage that Google has, it is still here and has reportedly been a success. For many businesses, when thinking of search engine advertising, Google’s Adwords is the option that instantly comes to

Patrick Macgougan11 Aug, 20180

Why your business shouldn’t be using social media marketing

I’ve worked as the social media marketing manager for a number of national retailers in the UK and Digital Marketing Manager for national and international retailers that used social media marketing in their marketing efforts. I’ve also written a social media marketing book and worked with a number of clients,

Patrick Macgougan22 Nov, 20170

Win a copy of Conversation is King: Social Media Marketing book

You can win a copy of my book: Conversation is King. All you have to do is enter on Goodreads. The competition closes on 6th January 2018, so make sure you enter now! There are 2 copies up for grab, in print format.

Conversation is King is a simple guide to generating

Patrick Macgougan13 Nov, 20170

How to get people interested in a completely new and innovative product

If you have a completely new and innovative product or service, unlike anything else on the market, how do you get people interested in it? What is the first step in getting someone to want something they have lived without for so long, but you know will improve their life?


Patrick Macgougan13 Nov, 20170

Unleash the power of free gifts to get more customers

In my latest digital marketing video I answer a question about using free gifts in the digital age as a loss leader in order to open up communication with potential customers, and gradually push them along the sales funnel towards being a high-spend customer.

If you have a marketing-related question that